Quantitative Research

From paper and pencil interviews to online and face-to-face data collection methods…

…Global Survey stays ahead of the market research game using state-of-the-art quantitative research methods and technologies

Quantitative research focuses on collecting numerical data that identifies trends in group behaviour. It can also help to answer the question as to why a particular phenomenon or singularity has taken place.

We apply various quantitative research methods, such as:

  • Online surveys, polls, panels, and interviews
  • Pencil and paper questionnaires
  • In-depth face-to-face and group discussions

These skilled methodical approaches can be used to target an audience or demographic delivering an extensive amount of numerical research data.

  • Have increased customer satisfaction
  • Improve their decision-making
  • Transform how they place their products
  • Develop and adapt their businesses and services

Moreover, our online quantitative research methods allow us to deliver data collection anywhere, anytime, and instantaneously.

Our quantitative market research services use:

PAPIs (Pencil and Paper Interviews)

Used to gauge an initial dataset. Our PAPIs involve extensive questionnaire sessions.

CAPIs (Computer Assisted Personal Interviews)

By conducting in-depth CAPIs, we provide the most efficient means of capturing, encrypting, and saving quantitative research data in real-time.

F2F (Face-to-face) Interviews

F2F interviews take a more personal approach to surveying that can also add validity to the CAPI and PAPI research processes and data analyses.

CATIs (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews)

Tremendously reduce the time (and the paper) used for collecting and processing research data. Our tailored and scripted CATIs are digitised and ready to analyse in real-time.

CAWIs (Computer Assisted Web Interviews)

We believe CAWIs are the most eco-centric and economical way to gather research data. No interviews, no paper, no extra tools: just a simple link to start a survey is all it takes to collect the data you need.

CLTs (Central Location Tests)

Using diverse panels, gauge raw feedback from body language and facial expressions. Our CLTs are conducted in controlled environments and at a variety of venues.

Using these quantitative methodologies individually or in unison ensures the efficacy and accuracy of your quantitative data collection and market research project results.

From identifying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns to conducting sensory research

Global Survey is constantly innovating approaches to our quantitative market research studies and analysis.

It’s our job to ensure our clients can truly understand their marketplaces, industries, businesses, consumers, demographics, and more…

How? By providing exceptional quality in creating tailored quantitative market research projects.