Online Research

We have an award-winning reputation for excellence in online market research strategies

Our online research provides in-depth data collection in real-time, equipping our clients with comprehensive insights at their fingertips.

High-quality online research solutions that are unsurpassed

The levels of data received from our research can reignite a product or brand, as well as help build and grow businesses and industries.

Moreover, our online research services can transform approaches to marketing and customer interactions, helping to engage consumers locally and globally on a deeper level.

B2B online research solutions

Get to know your industry, consumers, and competitors better and align your business goals

  • Measure and meet consumers’ changing needs
  • Discover new and outside-the-box business opportunities
  • Create better business and marketing strategies
  • Acquire a competitive market edge with ‘real-time’ industry and consumer information

How? By partnering your online research needs with Global Survey and lettings us manage the rest.

B2C online research solutions

Gain consumer insights through online research that help you better understand their motivations and behaviours

By offering a variety of market research methods and tools, we’re proficient in getting to the core of consumer activities. This enables us to provide:

  • Tailored online research solutions and techniques
  • In-depth qualitative research and quantitative data collection
  • Local and global (demographic and dynamic) online surveys, panels, and interviews
  • Valuable consumer research data that helps grow and sustain businesses and products

Healthcare online research solutions

We provide outstanding online survey experiences for our healthcare clients

At Global Survey, we have a team who are skilled and specialised in healthcare market research.

We conduct world-class online surveys for patients, medications, healthcare professionals, and healthcare providers.

What we can research, measure, and improve together:

  • Customer and patient satisfaction
  • Healthcare branding
  • Communications
  • Market reach
  • Segmentation
  • Market assessments

From a business’ distinctiveness and desirability to a brand’s customer affinity and product testing…

We can map your consumer’s journey and have you out-shine competitors with our bespoke online research services and solutions