Adaptable Survey Tool

Global Survey’s cloud-based survey management tool

Affordable online market research survey management at the touch of a button or swipe of the screen

Effortlessly view and analyse online data collection in real-time

Manage eco-centric and economically viable online market research methods from anywhere

Get swift and decisive data processing results from invaluable insights, day or night

High-quality survey completion

IDIs (In-Depth Interviews)

Adaptable uses 256bit encrypted tokens among other critical functions to prevent fraudulent completion by survey participants, reducing the rate by an incredible 95%.

Quicker market research developments

By automatically digitising your data, Adaptable provides the chance to jump on instrumental opportunities in real-time.

Clean and clear team collaboration

Using enterprise grade security and API integration, Adaptable removes any conflict and allows teams to work together efficiently and holistically.

Adaptable guarantees amazing outcomes from online surveys

Our cloud-based solution streamlines operations, detects fraud, saves money, safeguards data, and more…