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Global Survey helps enterprises and SMEs succeed as modern digital businesses. We support organizations accross the globe to benefit from the technology disruption that results in commercial success, as well as sustainable and inclusive growth.

We leverage our +11 years experience to reveal the true potential of varied business models and drive digital transformation from within organizations.

Our Services

Qualitative Research

Get a deeper understanding of your customers' behavior thru in-depth interviews and FGDs. If you want to get a deeper understanding of your customers' minds and behavior, a qualitative research is needed. We have a professional team of interviewers who can conduct in-depth interviews and focus group discussions which can help provide valuable insights into your products and services, your market and your customers' opinions and motivations.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative market research focuses on the technique to efficiently ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner using Computer-assisted Personal Interviews and Pencil & Paper Interviews. The received responses via Face-to Face data collection can be analyzed to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services.

Online Research

Get in-depth data on your market and utilize these data into creating new strategies. Global Survey is known for its reputation for excellence in B2B research and market intelligence.With the help of our online research, we provide a complete insight into the market, along with many levels of strong information.

Business Research

Get the best business insights, data and information to maximize sales & profits. With the help of Global Survey, we bring you the best business research to gather detailed data and information to maximize the sales and profit of your business. Through this, we can help companies determine which product or service is most in demand.

Panel Research

We help to recruit, validate and process panels needed for specific market research studies. We have built a professional respondent of panels across diverse demographics, industries, and other dynamics. We help to recruit and maintain your own panel for specific market research studies which can make the research process more efficient and easier. With rigorous Q&A and meticulous process, panel research provides many advantages for companies including faster turnaround, and higher participation rates.

Adaptable Survey Tool

Utilize our cloud based tool to easily view, manage, and analyze results anywhere. At Global Survey, we use our proprietary tool, Adaptable, which provides a faster and affordable survey management back office panel for your Market Research project. The cloud based solution also helps you to easily view, manage, and analyze results from any location and any smart device.

Other Services

Our expertise is based on utilizing different programming tools used within the market research data collection. Just reach out to us so that we can help you decide the best service to help your company based on your needs.

Your digital journey

Our collaborative approach to business, design and development, results in delivering the right experience to your customers.

We support you at every stage of your digital product life-cycle, unlocking the full potential of digital transformation for your organization. Deep customer, technology, operations, and market insights allow us to create exciting products and experiences with the twist of innovation and increased profitability through optimization.